Sterling Guarantee

Sterling Automobile Lanka is a fully owned subsidiary of Sterling Japan. When you buy a Sterling Car form any dealer in the country, you are entitled to an exclusive after-sales service system. Sterling After-Care Guarantee is an iconic service by Sterling Aftercare Centre to provide care for all Sterling Japan vehicles. Sterling Japan supplies more than half of the island’s requirement of reconditioned vehicles. These are imported to the country by 150-200 independent auto dealers. Sterling After-Care Guarantee assures you of the highest quality post-purchase services for your vehicle. Sterling Aftercare Guarantee is a unique service offered only by Sterling Japan and it maintains the authorization in its entirety.


The warranty period is 24 (twenty four) months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. We provide you with 3 labour free services and you can obtain these from our Sterling Aftercare Centre. In the event the ownership changes from the first owner during the warranty period it is important to notify us in order to ensure that the remaining warranty period can be enjoyed by the new owner.


With this unique feature, vehicles are identified as a Sterling vehicle irrespective of their make and are thereby entitled to the Sterling After Care Guarantee. It can be reiterated that we take great pride in this unique feature which enables you to rest assure that your vehicle is in capable hands.


Sterling After Care Centre in Mahara Sri Lanka is the sole service provider for the vehicles imported to Sri Lanka under the Sterling After Care Guarantee.