About Sterling Japan

Sterling Japan Company Ltd, incorporated in March 1993 is a reputed Japanese limited liability company. Its business operations commenced with exporting motor vehicles to international markets, and today it dominates the automobile markets of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Barbados, Myanmar, New Zealand and a number of other countries. It is also the largest exporter of reconditioned vehicles to Sri Lanka. Sterling Japan has earned a noteworthy reputation for being the reliable supplier of motor vehicles with the ‘best price’. The term ‘best price’ does not mean that there is any compromise on quality, and this is what makes Sterling Japan so popular. Sterling offers excellent quality products at affordable prices. Second-hand vehicles are procured only after various stringent quality checks to make sure they adhere to the set standards of the Sterling vehicle policy and the expectations of the end customer.


The company boasts of an outstanding record for efficient as well as timely exports, and its quality control system is in par with the TOYOTA quality control system and Grade-1 certification issued by the government of Japan. Sterling encompasses credibility and reliability in all areas of its operations. It is the most reliable exporter of Japanese vehicles of supreme condition. As the dominant licensed exporter of used Japanese vehicles, the company is renowned for the competitive prices it offers for some of the highest grade vehicles you will find in the market. This has proved to be advantageous and profitable for auto dealers as well. A well-trained specialised team is in charge of the selection process of these vehicles for reconditioning, and vehicles of every type, including Sedans, Wagons and Sports Cars are made available to customers worldwide. All technical details are thoroughly inspected up to the last detail. The quality assurance of Sterling Japan has been consistent and well-received.


Sterling Aftercare Centre based in Mahara, Kadawatha is the authorised service provider for Sterling vehicles imported to Sri Lanka. The Sterling Aftercare Guarantee is a unique cover that provides after-sales services to Sterling customers.